Music Box StreamLocal FAQ

What is Music Box StreamLocal?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on independent art house cinemas around the country, we launched Music Box StreamLocal, a virtual art house theater to encourage audiences to continue supporting their local ‘brick and mortar’ cinemas. StreamLocal splits the profits 50/50 between Music Box and your local art house, so by streaming AND THEN WE DANCED, you’re directly supporting your neighborhood movie theater. (Thanks!)

Why should I purchase a pass? 

If you’re reading this, the theatrical experience of watching a film on the big screen is important to you. Music Box StreamLocal is a way to support the institutions that make that theatrical experience possible while the local theaters remain dark to promote public health and safety. 

What happens when I purchase a pass? 

When you buy a pass, you’ll be directly supporting independent and foreign language film and your local art house filmmakers and your local art house. All revenue is being shared between the distributor and the exhibitor, just as it would be if you were buying a ticket to see the film on the big screen. By providing additional revenue to your local art house, you’re also helping to make sure that we can all watch films on the big screen again soon.

How can I watch AND THEN WE DANCED? 

You can watch on your computer, phone, or tablet or on a bigger screen with Chromecast or a Smart TV. Once you create an account and purchase a pass for $12, you’ll be able to access AND THEN WE DANCED for 48 hours. You’ll sign-in to your new Music Box Direct account to watch your film on Music Box StreamLocal, but no monthly or annual subscription is required to watch AND THEN WE DANCED.

Why do I create a Music Box Direct account to watch AND THEN WE DANCED? 

Music Box Direct is the streaming service of Music Box Films, the distribution company for AND THEN WE DANCED. You’re creating an account to prevent any potential piracy and limit the availability of the film to audiences who would typically have enjoyed the film in the theater. There are monthly and yearly subscription plans available for the full Music Box Direct catalog, but your purchase of a pass to watch AND THEN WE DANCED on Music Box StreamLocal is a one time, non-recurring payment of $12. 

What if I don’t see my theater on the list?

Good question! Music Box StreamLocal has been created specifically to alleviate the financial pressures individual art house cinemas are currently experiencing. These are unusual times and we’re constantly expanding and updating our response to the current situation. Profits from your purchase are split between Music Box and the theater, so please refrain from sharing the link beyond your own local theater’s community! 

Don’t see your theater? Feel free to get in touch with them directly about this offer. If you’re representing a theater that is interested in booking AND THEN WE DANCED on Music Box StreamLocal, contact Kyle Westphal at

Why are you screening AND THEN WE DANCED but not other films?

AND THEN WE DANCED was in the middle of its US theatrical run when national theaters began closing as a response to COVID-19. Local theaters had been working hard to share trailers, promote the film on social media, and facilitate reviews from local press. We believe that work should be honored before releasing AND THEN WE DANCED more broadly on VOD & DVD later this year. AND THEN WE DANCED is an uplifting and joyful film about finding connection and creating intimacy under the most difficult of circumstances. As a film distributor, we can’t think of a better film to watch in times like these. Watch the film and join the conversation.

What else can I watch on Music Box StreamLocal?

Currently, Music Box StreamLocal is only screening AND THEN WE DANCED in partnership with art house cinemas around the country. However, if you’re interested in having access to Music Box Direct’s entire catalog (including TRANSIT, IDA, THE GIRL WITH DRAGON TATTOO, and MERU)  you can always try out our free 7-day trial or subscribe for a monthly ($4.99) or annual subscription ($49.99). 

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