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The Returned Season 1

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In an idyllic French Alpine village, a seemingly random collection of people find themselves in a state of confusion as they attempt to return to their homes. What they do not yet know is that they have been dead for several years, and no one is expecting them back. Buried secrets emerge as they grapple with this miraculous and sinister new reality, struggling to reintegrate with their families and past lovers. But it seems they are not the only ones back from the dead. Their arrival coincides with a series of gruesome murders that bear a chilling resemblance to the work of a serial killer from the past… A gripping, stylish mix of real and surreal, the highly cinematic The Returned (Les Revenants) features a wide range of top French film actors and a haunting, atmospheric soundtrack by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai. The Returned was also a smash hit last year on French television and the highest rated subtitled drama on any UK channel in nearly a decade. Now US fans of high-quality television drama can finally discover the series The Spectator described as “the best series you will see on TV all year…it’s been variously billed as a zombie thriller and a successor to Twin Peaks, but neither does justice to its intelligence, subtlety and eerie beauty.”

Reactions, Awards & Festivals

“Mesmerizing! Spectacularly Engaging! Smartly written, superbly cast and tremendously unsettling. The Returned is one of the most intriguing, utterly original offerings of the year."

Tim Goodman

The Hollywood Reporter

“Extraordinary! It's certainly one of the great series of the year.”

Robert Lloyd

Los Angeles Times

“An unshakably compelling, enigmatic mood piece.”

Alison Willmore


"Eerie, tense and highly addictive."

Entertainment Weekly

“A superbly stylish and scary French Drama with no equal in its genre.”

Nancy DeWolf Smight

Wall Street Journal

"5 STARS. Not to be missed...stunningly provocative"

David Wiegand

San Francisco Chronicle

“4 STARS. A mesmerizingly eerie French series. The tone turns from strange and dreamlike to sinister and apocalyptic.”

People Magazine

“If you want to be completely and utterly freaked out, watch this 8-episode French series about a group of people who realize they've been dead for several years. Don't say you haven't been warned.”

Entertainment Weekly

“Fresh and unexpected.”

The New York Times

Winner! Lauriers de la Radio et de la Télévision 2013 - Best Series

Winner! International Emmy Awards 2013 - Best TV Drama

2013 Peabody Award Winner

Cast & Crew
  • Claire : Anne Consigny
  • Jérôme : Frédéric Pierrot
  • Adèle : Clotilde Hesme
  • Julie : Céline Sallette
  • Thomas : Samir Guesmi
  • Serge : Guillaume Gouix
  • Pierre : Jean-François Sivadier
  • Léna : Jenna Thiam
  • Simon : Pierre Perrier
  • Camille : Yara Pilartz
  • Lucy : Ana Girardot
  • Victor : Swann Nambotin
  • Directors : Fabrice Gobert (1-4, 8), Frédéric Mermoud (5-8)
  • Writers : Fabrice Gobert, Emmanuel Carrère, Fabien Adda, Camille Fontaine, Nathalie Saugeon
  • Producers : Caroline Benjo, Jimmy Desmarais, Barbara Letellier
  • Music : Mogwai
  • Cinematography : Patrick Blossier
Technical Info
  • Production Year : 2013
  • Release Date : October 31, 2013
  • Countries of Production : France
  • Languages : French
  • Running Time : 8 Hours
  • Screen Ratio : 1.77:1
  • Sound : Stereo
  • Color : Color
  • Rating : TV-MA
DVD/Blu-Ray Special Features

Collector’s Booklet including an introduction by producer Caroline Benjo

Interview with director Fabrice Gobert

Critical essay by Scott Tobias

  • EPISODE 1 - Camille : After having died several years ago, Camille and Simon mysteriously reappear at their homes in a small mountain community, throwing their loved ones' lives into a state of turmoil. Meanwhile, single nurse Julie receives a visit from a strange little boy.
  • :
  • EPISODE 2 - Simon : Adele attempts to come to terms with Simon's ‘return’ as things get emotionally complicated. Camille tries to restart her old life but discovers the situation at home has changed and is introduced to Pierre, an odd and charismatic figure who predicted The Return.
  • :
  • EPISODE 3 - Julie : Life in town is becoming gradually more disturbing. Determined to come out of hiding, Camille invents a new identity, Lena is horrified by a mysterious physical affliction, and Julie finds herself paralyzed by fear as an old trauma resurfaces.
  • :
  • EPISODE 4 - Victor : Lena's health is turning for the worse and she's convinced it has something to do with Alice. While Adele and Simon begin to rekindle their romance, Julie decides something must be done with Victor, who may be implicated in a shocking death.
  • :
  • EPISODE 5 - Serge and Toni : As the returned come out into the open they find they are unable to resume normal lives. Camille and Simon both find themselves abruptly rejected and Victor embarks on a search for his murderer. Incapacitated, Lena is found by an elusive figure.
  • :
  • EPISODE 6 - Lucy : A massive electrical outage shuts down the town's power, creating a sense of unease, as people are drawn together in unexpected ways. Camille and Lucy find new roles within the community, Julie seeks refuge with an old friend and Lena grows closer to her mysterious rescuer.
  • :
  • EPISODE 7 - Adele : Allegiances are forming, as the atmosphere in town grows increasingly hostile. Camille is accused of hurting people around her. Simon investigates the circumstances of his death and Julie wants to leave town, but has difficulty crossing the bridge over the dam.
  • :
  • EPISODE 8 - The Horde : Tensions are high between the living and the dead, as a newer, creepier wave of the returned descends upon them. With the townspeople in fear and the stakes higher than ever, everyone will have to choose sides.