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The Brand New Testament

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The Brand New Testament begins with one simple conceit: God exists, and He’s a jerk. He lives in a high-rise apartment in Brussels and never gets out of His pajamas. He takes sadistic delight in dreaming up new “laws” to torment humanity, and He’s a petty tyrant to his wife and ten year-old daughter, Ea. Like her brother before her, Ea has had enough of her Father’s abuse and when she spies the right opportunity, she hacks into His computer and leaks to the entire world—by text message—the only thing He has over them: their inevitable death date. Ea, after escaping and with her Father in pursuit, gathers apostles and writes her own New Testament to try to fix the mess her Father has made of humanity. Her six apostles —a one-armed woman, a sex maniac, a killer, a woman who has been left by her husband, an office worker, and a gender dysphoric child—learn to celebrate life and love, and provide us with Jaco Van Dormael’s dark, witty and eccentric answer to the loaded question: what would you do if you knew exactly how much time you had left to live?

Reactions, Awards & Festivals

"A cheerfully blasphemous movie and pointedly hopeful vision of what life might be with the right girl in charge."

Justin Chang


NYT Critics' Pick: “Wickedly amusing! A surreal comedy whose endless visual imagination matches its conceptual wit.”

Stephen Holden


“Wildly inventive.”

Peter Debruge


"Irresistibly laugh-out-loud and feel-good."

Deborah Young


"Lovely to look at, charmingly played throughout, and with a sense of fun that is more playful than subversive."

Jessica Kiang


Best Foreign Language Film Nominee - 2016 Golden Globe®

Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay - 2015 Magritte Awards (Belgian Academy Award)

Best Comedy - 2015 Fantastic Fest

Official Selection - 2015 Cannes Film Festival - Directors' Fortnight

Official Selection - 2015 BFI London International Film Festival

Closing Night Film - 2015 Festival Du Film Francophone

Cast & Crew
  • Ea : Pili Groyne
  • God : Benoît Poelvoorde
  • Martine : Catherine Deneuve
  • Francois : François Damiens
  • God's Wife : Yolande Moreau
  • Aurelie : Laura Verlinden
  • Marc : Serge Lariviere
  • Jean-Claude : Didier De Neck
  • Willy : Romain Gelin
  • Victor : Marco Lorenzini
  • Director : Jaco Van Dormael
  • Screenplay : Thomas Gunzig, Jaco Van Dormael
  • Producer : Apres Le Deluge, Olivier Rausin, Daniel Marquet
  • Director of Photography : Christophe Beaucarne
  • Editor : Herve De Luze
  • Production Design : Sylvie Olive
  • Costume Designer : Caroline Koener
  • Sound : Dominique Warnier, Francois Dumont
Technical Info
  • Production Year : 2015
  • Release Date : December 9, 2016
  • Countries of Production : Belguim, France, Luxembourg
  • Languages : French, German
  • Running Time : 114 minutes
  • Screen Ratio : 2:35:1
  • Sound : Dolby 5.1
  • Color : Color
  • Rating : Not Rated
DVD/Blu-Ray Special Features

God is Among Us: The Making of The Brand New Testament

Interviews with Director Jaco Van Dormael and Benoit Poelvoorde (“God”)

Special Effects Featurette

Home Cinema Episode with Jaco Van Dormael for Beligan TV

Storyboard Gallery

Collector’s Booklet featuring Cast and Crew Interviews and an Essay by Jessica Kiang