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In the Summers

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On a journey that spans the formative years of their lives, two siblings navigate their loving but volatile father during their yearly summer visits to his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Reactions, Awards & Festivals

Winner, Grand Jury Prize - U.S. Dramatic

Sundance Film Festival 2024

Winner, Directing Award - U.S. Dramatic

Alessandra Lacorazza Samudio

Sundance Film Festival 2024

“The feature is a visual poem, an enveloping four-stanza ode to experiences shared by a man and his daughters.”

Lovia Gyarkye

The Hollywood Reporter

“These understated scenes of familial intimacy introduce Lacorazza Samudio as a director with a deft hand for crafting character development from lived-in behavior rather than dialogue.” ““In the Summers” is the type of personal, confidently executed first outing that should hopefully put the filmmaker on an auspicious track to produce other keenly humanist work.”

Carlos Aguilar


“The most impressive work belongs to that of Residente, a Puerto Rican rapper otherwise known as René Pérez Joglar. As [Vicente], Residente avoids the pitfalls of playing bad fathers… Residente finds the subtlety in his flaws" “Because of this attention to the environment that shapes these hot days, “In the Summers” is brimming full of its characters’ internal aches rendered elegantly across time.”

Esther Zuckerman


Cast & Crew
  • Vicente : René “Residente” Pérez Joglar
  • Adult Eva : Sasha Calle
  • Adult Violeta : Lío Mehiel
  • Adult Camila : Sharlene Cruz
  • Yenny : Leslie Grace
  • Carmen : Emma Ramos
  • Middle Violeta : Kimaya Thais Limon
  • Middle Eva : Allison Salinas
  • Young Violeta : Dreya Castillo
  • Young Eva : Luciana Elisa Quiñonez
  • Directed by : Alessandra Lacorazza
  • Written by : Alessandra Lacorazza
  • Produced by : Alexander Dinelaris, Rob Quadrino, Nando Vila, Lynette Coll, Sergio Lira, Daniel Tantalean, Cynthia Fernandez De La Cruz, Jan Suter, Janek Ambros, Cristobal Guell, Stephanie Yankwitt, Slava Vladimirov
  • Co-Produced by : Javier Gonzales, Jennifer Winterbotham, Beau Turpin
  • Executive Produced by : Isaac Lee, Henry R. Munoz III, Richard Saperstein, Brooke Saperstein, Erick Douat, Bradley Feig, Alexandra Mishaan, Arturo Sampson, Jose Antonio Lamas, Darren Strowger, Tom Culliver, Justin Brown, Vladimir Cernyavskis, Francis Chapman, Kyle Stroud, Jules Buenabenta, Greg Borovykh
  • Cinematographer : Alejandro Mejia
  • Production Designer : Estefania Larrain
  • Casting Director : Stephanie Yankwitt
  • Editor : Adam Dicterow
  • Composer : Eduardo Cabra
Technical Info
  • Production Year : 2024
  • Country : United States
  • Language : English and Spanish
  • Running Time : 95 minutes
  • Aspect Ratio : 1.66:1
  • Projection Format : DCP
  • Rating : NR
  • Genre : Drama