Sex in the Comix

Sex in the Comix

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Sex in the Comix

About the Film

A sexy, revealing journey into the heart of erotic comic strips, SEX IN THE COMIX examines the colorful history of a unique and risqué art form. With New York comic artist and burlesque performer Molly Crabapple as our guide, this compact documentary navigates the history of the art form, from special editions by masters of the genre to provocative new works from a young generation of artists. Featuring legendary comic creators R. Crumb, Manara and Ralf König, as well as new wave and mainstream artists, including Alison Bechdel and her game-changing FUN HOME, this stimulating documentary takes fans along on a special exploration into a one-of-a-kind medium. As the erotic comic is poised to make a big-time comeback, it serves as an expression of society's most intimate trials and exposes our collective, if taboo, fantasies (all via speech bubbles).

Director: Joëlle Oosterlinck

Cast & Crew


Molly Crabapple
Robert Crumb
Bernard Joubert
Aline Kominsky
Ralf König
Tim Pilcher


Director: Joëlle Oosterlink
Joëlle Oosterlink
Producers: Gilles Berthaut, Loïc Bouchet, Thibaut Camurat
Animation: Thomas Fage, Yann Deval

Technical Info

Production Year: 2012
Countries of Production: France
Languages: English, French
Running Time: 52m
Screen Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound: Stereo
Rating: Not Rated

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