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Rachel Weisz’s Performance in ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ is named “Film Performance of the Year” by New York Magazine

David Edelstein, of New York Magazine, praises Rachel Weisz’s acting in The Deep Blue Sea as the “Film Performance of the Year”. Read what he has to say below:

It’s hard to call an Academy Award–winning actress “undersung,” yet I think we take Rachel Weisz for granted. How else to explain the swift disappearance of Terence Davies’s ravishingThe Deep Blue Sea with its to-die-for lead performance? As the adulterous Lady Hester Collyer, she’s pale and luminous, like a Pre-Raphaelite portrait, but something wicked, unruly, modern keeps breaking through the façade. She doesn’t care about the stigma of deserting her older, aristocratic husband for a disastrously unstable ex-RAF pilot. Unlike her namesake, she’ll wear her scarlet A proudly. Weisz’s wide-apart eyes make her seem slightly off-kilter, even otherworldly, but she’s never in the ether. She’s endlessly, exhaustingly reactive. She wears you out in a wonderful way. (Source)

The Deep Blue Sea was also listed as number 5 on his Top Ten Films of 2012 list!

For more info on the film, see here!


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